Master Gu and The Academy

Master Gu Ming Wei

Master Gu started to learn the Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan when he was 9 years old. He and his brother, Gu Meng-Zhi, were adopted as the in-house students of the late Master Wu Yao-Zong; the nephew of Grand Master Wu Jian-Chuan.

During the period of his training, Master Gu also received guidance from Ma Yue-Liang, (the son-in-law of Master Wu Jian-Chuan), Jiang Chang-Feng, Pei Zu-Yin and Dai Ying.

Master Gu also obtained numbers of trophies in different competitions in push-hands during the 80’s.

He has studied, practiced and taught Tai Chi Chuan over 30 years. He is proficient in all the boxing routines from large to small stand, fast form, sabre, sword, combat sword, spear, combat spear, push-hands, sparring, inner energy training and Wu Dong cannon-fist.

During the 90’s, Master Gu immigrated to Canada and established Gu Ming-Wei Tai Chi Chuan Association. He has taught Tai Chi Chuan classes as organized by the school boards and community centers both in Vancouver and Richmond for a number of years. He has thousands of students and enjoyed good reputation in the lower mainland of the province. The association continued to expand during the last few years. To meet with the increasing demands of the enthusiasts of Tai Chi Chuan , the Canada Tai Chi Academy was officially founded and with a permanent training place where the academy professionally offers teaching in the martial art of Tai Chi Chuan. Currently, classes have been set up to teach boxing routines, sabre, sword and push-hands. The academy also hosted public performance every ten months to promote and spread the orthodox of Tai Chi Chuan.

Canada Tai Chi Chuan Academy

Canada Tai Chi Chuan Academy is a professional Tai Chi institute registered in Canada. The School's primary goal is to introduce authentic Wu Style Chinese Tai Chi Chuan to the public and promote the Wu Dong internal form of martial arts to the world.

Master Gu Ming Wei, founder and chief instructor of the Academy, started  his full range Tai Chi Chuan training at the age of nine with five renowned Wu style Masters : Fei Zu Ying, Wu Yao Zhong, Dai Ying, Ma Yue Liang and Jiang Zhang Feng. Master Gu studied for 18 years and also became one of their inner disciples.

Master Gu had won numerous Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Chi Sword and push hands competitions in China. He started teaching Tai Chi Chuan in the 1990's and today, attracting students worldwide. The Canada Tai Chi Chuan Academy, formerly known as the  Gu Ming-Wei Tai Chi Chuan Academy, professionally teaches traditional Tai Chi Kung-Fu and has won a good reputation